Work with Us

Work with Us

As the pioneer of Vanke outdoor camping and core of Vanke Education, Vanhang is a joint venture company established by Vanke and BSC(Beijing Sailing Center) with English background. Vanhang adopts the most advanced training system—IYT and boasts world-class management. Seeing thing with an international view, we employed 1/3 foreign staffs and the rest would have opportunity for further study aboard. We are very proud of the fact that Vanhang’s sailing bases are connected by China’s coastline, they are like Shenzhen, Sanya, xiamen,Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, Beidaihe, Dalian….


Chance to be a real man

As a pioneer of Sailing educator in China, Vanhang is committed to offering help and guidance to people with passion for challenge, adventure, freedom as well as a positive lifestyle. You may be the right person we are looking for, welcome to join us!

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Vanhang recruits full-time water sports coaches and those of various outdoor activities.
If interested, please either call 40080900654 or send your CV to, we would appreciate your contact. Thank you very much.