2021 Summer Sailing Camp

Enjoy nature and freedom.
Up to 26 RYA Sailing Courses, equipped with 9 different boat types.
The combination of physical fitness, skill and strategy.

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Why Meisha·Vanhang Sailing Camp

Professional Operation
For Six years, Meisha·Vanhang Sailing Camp has heavily invested in instructor training, camp construction, camp management, curriculum development, boat configuration, and sailing events. Vanhang is committed to being a top sailing training school and has gained multiple achievements.
Progressive Learning
Up to 26 RYA Youth Sailing Courses with 7 different fleet of boats.
Exclusive Sailing Camp
Closed management to effectively guarantee the safety and operation during sailing camps.
Unique Culture
After 6 years of careful operation, Vanhang has develped a unique camp culture:
Tolerant and supportive / The power of role models / Self-motivation / A place with freedom and joy / The courage to face challenges
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