Gold Award – Dinghy

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The focus of this course is a fast track through all of the Gold Level sailing. This course takes 5 days to complete! Within the course the student will go through all 5 modules which breakdown the Gold Level course (Go Independent, Go Cruising, Go Racing, Go Kiting & Go Fast). The days will break up with mixing most of the modules together to fit the amount of days.

On completion of this course, the successful sailor will have a broad knowledge and practical ability to be able to sail independently whether racing, cruising around or even using all the kit available to use on the different boats.

Upon completion of this course you will receive a paper certificate that will state your sailing level. As you move up through the levels you will get new certificate to match your ability.

There are 5 Gold Level courses each focusing on a specific skill set:

  1. Go Independent: Learn how to sail in moderate conditions, close quarter boat handling & solving problems at sea.
  2. Go Cruising: Learn how to prepare for and navigate a cruise along the coast with your dinghy.
  3. Go Kiting: Learn how to make best use of a spinnaker and trapeze on a modern three sail trapeze boat.
  4. Go Racing: Equipping sailors with all they need to know how to take part in a sail boat race at club level.
  5. Go Fast: Learn how to handle high performance boats to best advantage in all wind conditions.

Progressing to these stages you become more familiar with the boat and all its equipment that you can use to make your boat perform to its greatest. At the end of this you will be confident enough to take part in races and take friends and family out on the boat, which you are controlling.

Once you have completed all of the gold levels you will earn your Platinum Pennant!